The Honda Jazz, known as the Fit in its home market, may have been around for a while now, but that hasn't stopped Modulo from giving it a but of a makeover. They call it the Modulo Style and it adds a bit of flair to the Jazz's (or Fit's) funky looks.

Honda Jazz Modulo leak

Most noticeable is the unique look for the front fascia. Gone are the polygonal shapes of the standard model's bumper. In its place is a rounder, smoother design integrating a bolder 'Solid Wing Face' look. Its grill now extends all the way to the bottom of the bumper and the trapezoidal foglight housings make way for thin strips of LED daytime running lights.


Honda Jazz Modulo leak

New wheels are part of the package as well. 16-inch alloy wheels, designed by Modulo, feature a multi-spoke, two-tone look. The dark blue paint seen on the model, dubbed Midnight Blue Beam Metallic, is a special order finish which can be had for 32,000 Yen or about Php 15,500.

In Japan, this kit can be paired with both hybrid and non-hybrid models of the Fit. However, it is unknown if it can be matched with the RS versions as it already has its own set of bumpers and rear spoiler. At the moment, the kit is exclusive to the Japanese market only. Also, there are no performance upgrades to be seen in the Modulo Style package; it's purely cosmetic for the B-segment hatchback.