Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. celebrates a new milestone after achieving an all-time high hatchback sales record with the introduction of the second generation Honda Jazz. After its successful premiere during the 2nd Philippine International Motor Show, the new Jazz generates a total of 394 unit sales in October basing from the report recently released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI). This is not only the highest monthly sales performance of the Jazz since its local introduction in 2004. More importantly, 394 units mark the highest monthly hatchback sales throughout the entire Philippine automotive industry history.

The entry of the Jazz triggered the emergence of the hatchback market, foreseeing the demand for smaller and fuel efficient vehicles. From 4% in year 2004, the hatchback market ballooned to 17% of the car segment by the end of 2007. Today, the Jazz continues to make new records to fortify the presence of hatchbacks in the motoring industry.

Being in the market in less than two months, the new Jazz already registers cumulative sales of almost 600 units. The public's warm reception on the Jazz helps boost Honda's performance in the passenger car (PC) segment by 9% with 1,123 PC units sold in October (as compared with 1,027 passenger car unit sales in September). This puts Honda in a stronger position with 29% market share.

The all-new Jazz officially commenced sales in September, a month after its debut in the local market. Touted as the country's Fun Utility Vehicle or F.U.V., the new Jazz presents dynamic and refreshing features that surely bring pure fun and excitement in one's driving experience. On its first month, a total of 203 unit sales were initially posted as customers eagerly awaited the release of the Jazz. This is even higher than the initial 145 unit sales of the first generation Jazz back in 2004. Attesting the Jazz craze in the market, record shows that a total of 162 units were remarkably released in just one day. Ordinarily, releases only average to 15 units per day.

A recipient of the prestigious 2008 Japan Car of the Year Award, the All-New Honda Jazz has been widely acclaimed for its dynamic styling, spacious interiors, versatile utility and remarkable fuel economy. Now powered with the renowned i-VTEC engine, the Honda Jazz realizes more spirited driving while maintaining its outstanding fuel economy to deliver more fun-filled driving to every liter of gasoline.

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