The Honda S2000 was a truly unique car for the brand and none of the cars they have launched have been anything like it. Sure, there's the adorable S660, but that's more like a sporty kei-car rather than an actual sports car.

Then the brand announced that they will be showing one at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. No, it's not an all-new generation, but they'll be showing what they call the 20th Anniversary Prototype. Now that it's been shown at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, what exactly is it and what did Honda do to the iconic roadster?

Honda has (sort of) resurrected the iconic S2000 image

What Honda has done is modernize the S2000. They say they have 'evolved and modernized' the roadster by giving it a thorough update inside, outside, and under the chassis. There's a redesigned front and rear bumper, which has been rounded off for the sake of aerodynamics, and it gets a new set of side skirts to go along with the exterior changes. They also gave the car a new set of wheels care of Advan.

Other changes? The S2000 20th Anniversary also gets a new windshield with rounded off edges and more rakish appearance. A trunk lip spoiler was then added for enhanced aerodynamics, plus there are strakes at the rear, possibly for high-speed stability.

Honda has (sort of) resurrected the iconic S2000 image

Inside, it gets lashings of leather and Alcantara on the seats and door panels. The seats, a section of the door panels, and the floor are trimmed in red while the rest of the cabin is finished in black. It even gets a modern infotainment system, seamlessly blending in the dashboard. A special touch to the car are the 20th Anniversary markings on the seats (embossed on the back rests) and the wind deflector.

As for the engine, we're not expecting any changes there. That means this concept might still be powered by either a 2.0-liter or 2.2-liter, naturally aspirated four-cylinder mill. For those who still remember, the engine in the S2000 once had the highest horsepower per liter ratings in a non-turbocharged road car. It made either 242 or 250 PS, depending on the market, and revved up to 9,000 rpm.

Honda has (sort of) resurrected the iconic S2000 image

The S2000 was discontinued in 2009 and had no successor that followed. We're still waiting for an all-new version of the sports car, but this prototype shows that Honda isn't giving up on roadsters at all. Here's to hoping Honda would build a few of these as 're-issued' models, but maybe we're asking a little too much.

Still, one can dream, right?