Honda Motor Co., Ltd. recently began selling the N-ONE in Japan. It is the third model of the new N Series mini-vehicle from Honda following the N BOX and the N BOX+.

The N-ONE was developed in the motif of the N360, the first mass-produced Honda mini passenger car introduced to the market in 1967, and inherits Honda's M/M (man maximum, machine minimum) concept which is the starting point of Honda's automobile design.

The N-ONE is powered by a 660cc DOHC engine with an option for a turbocharged one and is mated to a CVT and is available in either a FWD or AWD configuration.

Key features of the N-ONE include a spacious cabin which comfortably accommodates four adults, and an improved acceleration performance. Further, stable driving performance and excellent quietness even during highway driving were realized through adoption of a lightweight and highly-rigid body and an exclusively-developed suspension.


The N-ONE lineup also includes a higher grade model, the N-ONE Premium, which features a highest-quality exterior and interior features which are beyond those of any models in the mini-vehicle category. Furthermore, to accommodate the unique tastes of individual customers, a great variety of exterior colors are offered with total 11 body colors and a 2-tone color style, which has different colors for the body and roof.

The N-ONE's pricing starts at 1,150,000 Yen for the basic G-type FWD model and goes up to 1,707,750 Yen for the two-tone Premium-tourer AWD package.