Honda fans -particularly Type-R fans- it's time to really get excited.

Honda Motor Company, after stopping production of the Civic Type-R in 2010, has made the decision and and approved the next generation Honda Civic Type-R according to Autocar. The source indicates that Honda will make the official announcement and confirmation at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in September.

There are no details yet as to the engine, but it is likely that the engine will be all new as the previous model's (2007-2010) powerplant failed Euro emissions standards. AutoExpress predicts that the upcoming Civic Type-R could have 210 horsepower from a turbocharged engine. A start/stop system is also expected along with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

When we reviewed the current Civic FB, we were left wanting as the car seemed to lack soul. Perhaps the Type-R will address that. However -if the past is any indication- chances are slim that the upcoming Civic Type R will be officially brought in by Honda Cars Philippines.

More details to follow as we get them.