Honda Cars Philippines has just officially released their prices for their 2018 model line up factoring in the new excise taxes under Republic Act 10963, or the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN), which was signed by President Duterte last December. 

This news came via their website which has just been updated to reflect the new prices and, as expected, there were a lot of changes to their model line up's suggested retail prices. 

Honda price diff 2018 1 Honda price diff 2018 2 Honda price diff 2018 3

Honda price diff 2018 4

What is clear from the charts is that there are slight increases to the prices of their volume sellers like the City as the base 1.5 E has increased by PhP 50,000 while the more expensive variants like the top of the line VX+ Navi CVT increased by PhP 31,000. The pattern continues to the Jazz, as the most affordable variant, the 1.5 V MT, increased by PhP 48,000 while the TOTL RS Navi increased by just PhP 29,000. 

The lower variants of the Brio are slightly more expensive, with both S models increasing by PhP 12,000, but the top spec V Navi AT going up in price by PhP 52,000. The pattern is similar with the Brio Amaze with the entry model going up by PhP 12,000 while the TOTL went up by PhP 49,000.

The Mobilio's price increases are likewise similar, with the entry grade going up by PhP 45,000, the mid grade up by PhP 39,000, and the top variant going up by PhP 29,000. The BR-V, one of Honda's strongest selling models, also went up in price in a similar manner with the entry model raising its prices from PhP 998,000 to PhP 1,030,000 (PhP 32,000 more), while the popular 1.5 V Navi CVT going up from PhP 1,128,000 to PhP 1,149,000 (PhP 31,000 more). 

Price increases for the Civic and HR-V are also reflected in the pricing, as the Civic now costs anywhere between PhP 1,138,000 for the base model, all the way up to PhP 1,643,000 for the RS Modulo Sport. The HR-V now starts at PhP 1,260,000 up to PhP 1,634,000 for the EL Mugen. The Accord also now starts at PhP 1,884,000 for the 2.4S Navi, while the 3.5 SV Navi costs PhP 2,317,000.

Honda CR-V

Customers who bought the CR-V in 2017, however, will be quite happy. In 2018, prices of the very popular 7-seater Honda crossover have increased quite a bit. The most affordable variant which was priced at PhP 1,539,000 in 2017 is priced at PhP 1,648,000 in 2018; a PhP 109,000 increase. The V Diesel 9 AT is now PhP 1,671,000, while the S Diesel 9 AT is now at PhP 1,835,000. The SX Diesel went up in price to PhP 2,086,000. 

Interestingly enough, there are models that either maintained their pricing or went down slightly. The Legend appears to be at the same price, though we suspect that the website price of it is still not updated. Also, the EX variant of the Odyssey MPV went up in price to PhP 2,079,000, but the EX-V Navi went down in price by PhP 16,000 to PhP 2,433,000.

And as for fans of the Civic Type R, don't worry; Honda's red badge will cost you the same in 2018 as it did in 2017: PhP 2,980,000. If you're still lucky to get one.