In order to make their vehicles handle much better in various terrain and driving conditions in the region, Honda R&D Asia Pacific invests 1.7 billion Thai baht (Php 2.578 billion) on an 800,000 square meter property in Prachinburi, Thailand and made it the automaker’s third test course in the world after Japan and the U.S.

Honda opens new test facility in Thailand

Honda officially opened the Prachinburi Proving Ground last week and it will be used to test regionally-developed products – automobiles and motorcycles – for handling, stability, and overall performance, among many others.

Honda opens new test facility in Thailand

With this latest test course, Honda aims to enhance not only products that will be marketed to the Asia & Oceania market but also models for other regions of the world as well.

“Thailand has been at the center of our manufacturing and exports in the Asia & Oceania region as well as an important base for our R&D operations. The Prachinburi Proving Ground will reinforce our product line-up by providing more competitive and attractive models beyond the expectations of customers in Thailand and the region,” said Shinji Aoyama, Chief Officer, Regional Operations (Asia & Oceania), Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and President and CEO, Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Honda opens new test facility in Thailand

The Prachinburi Proving Ground’s expansive property will offer eight test courses with a total length of eight kilometers simulating various road conditions and terrains. These are as follows:

Oval Course - High speed course that will test for noise levels from wind in the cabin and steering while controlling

Winding Course – Has 17 turns and blind spots, and varying elevation for general performance testing, including the braking systems and vehicle stability

Vehicle Dynamics Area - To test stability control at high speeds and braking efficiency during sharp turns

Wet Course – Includes a pool, splash and wet braking road to test vehicles under wet and slippery road conditions, and water resistance

Ride Road Course - Simulates road surfaces from different countries in Asia & Oceania

Special Surface Course – Has eight roads that include speed breaker and concrete rough road to simulate rough road surfaces with 3D technology for durability testing of the underbody of a vehicle

Slope Course - For engine strength and braking performance testing

Straight Course – Tests for fuel economy and acceleration

Honda opens new test facility in Thailand

“The test roads at our proving grounds are designed so that they reproduce various road conditions. We believe that Honda products, which will reflect the findings from the tests here at the Honda R&D Asia Pacific Prachinburi Proving Ground, will contribute to providing a sense of 'joy' for our customers and make our products Fun to Drive,” said Yoshiharu Itai, Managing Director and representative of Honda R&D Co., Ltd.