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Honda partners with fleet customers to promote fuel economy


Fuel-efficient driving under real-world conditions

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. recently partnered with its corporate customers in promoting the importance of fuel efficient driving and in making it a habit. Taking into consideration the number of cars being managed by these accounts, a simple tweak on driving habits makes significant difference in extending fuel mileage.

The increase in CO2 emissions, rapid depletion of fuel supply and threat of global climate change make the need for any form of savings and corrective measures highly essential.

Accordingly, Honda invited 10 fleet customers and embarked on a fuel efficient driving competition entitled, Honda Challenge Cup to demonstrate practical driving methods under real-world situations. Encouraging everyone to drive every drop, the competition posed various challenges in both city and highway driving conditions using normal, day-to-day driving style and with a running airconditioning system.


Since 1996, Honda has pioneered in the conduction of fuel economy competitions in the industry. Honda has been promoting care for the environment awareness by means of saving fuel consumption and minimizing CO2 emission, even when gas prices were not yet an issue.

There are several techniques that can be applied in optimizing fuel mileage but the most essential of all trickles down to three main aspects: vehicle, fuel and driver.

In achieving greatest impact on fuel economy and clean air, Honda has always targeted the mass-market models. Years of research has led to the development of engines with highly efficient internal combustion system like the i-VTEC, for you to get the most out of every drop of fuel. More than outstanding fuel efficiency, Honda vehicles are also engineered to pass the stringent European Emission Standards. Aimed to regulate the amount of pollution that can be released into the atmosphere, these standards set the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in Europe. The European Emission Standard is also considered one of the strictest in the world. Among local manufacturers, Honda is the only brand that has reached EURO 4 levels for ALL its model line-up, even if Philippine regulations only require EURO 2 compliance. Conformity with EURO 4 standards translates to approximately 55% reduction in carbon monoxide if compared with EURO 2 levels. As early as 2004, Honda has started to introduce models with EURO 4 levels, accumulating to 67,400 units sold. Indeed, driving a Honda does provide a strong sense of social responsibility for a cleaner environment.

Another significant factor in going for the extra mile is the use of high quality fuel. High quality fuel has special formulation that aid better combustion efficiency.

Lastly, the key to a fuel efficient driving is in the hands of the driver -- having full control over the machine. One has to have proper driving skills and understanding of the vehicle. Simple tweak on one's driving habits not only extends fuel mileage but maximizes monetary savings and lessens deposit of harmful pollutants into the environment. Just imagine, if a corporation is maintaining a fleet of 100 cars and each vehicle user gets to save 1 liter of gasoline per day for 20 working days within a month, the company can already save approximately Php 936,000 in fuel charges per year (computed at Php 39 per liter of gasoline). That is how significant a mere liter of savings per day is.

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