Keeping your Honda stock (and observing PMS) has its benefits

Honda Cars Philippines Inc (HCPI) has a new program that rewards customers who observe the prescribed periodic maintenance services at authorized dealerships and service centers. It's called the Vehicle Certification Program.

With this new program, Honda vehicles are certified based on their compliance with periodic maintenance services. This certification ensures that the vehicle has followed the timely replacement of parts and lubricants that keep it in tip-top shape.

According to the automaker, the certificate will benefit those looking for or selling their Honda vehicle. It assures and certifies that the Honda vehicle has been given constant proper maintenance. This, in turn, will contribute to a higher resale value.

Eligible vehicles may be certified based on two categories of certificates, depending on the vehicle's warranty condition.

Honda Cars PH offering Vehicle Certification Program to customers image

1. Customers with vehicles still under the warranty period must complete the required 6 periodic maintenance service (PMS) visits from the purchase date.

2. Customers with vehicles that are older than 3 years from the purchase date must complete 4 consecutive standard PMS visits after the warranty period.

If the vehicles reach 10,000 km ahead of the prescribed 6-month PMS interval period, the standard PMS schedule shall be observed. (6-months or 10,000 km; whichever comes first.)

Customers are reminded, however, that the use of parts and lubricants must be aligned with Honda's Standard PMS Schedule. Using non-genuine Honda parts or any vehicle modifications are subject to disqualification from the Honda Vehicle Certification Program.