Honda Safety Driving Center Philippines' Chief Instructor Federico "Jonjie" Paguio bested the finest automobile driving instructors from Asia-Pacific and Europe in the 11th Safety-Japan Instructors Championship held at the Suzuka Traffic Education Center in September, 2007.

The 2-day grueling competition is organized by the Driving Safety Promotion Center of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) to test the diligence of Honda instructors in upholding the company's high-quality standards in automobile and motorcycle instructions. Participants undergo a battery of tests which put their driving expertise, coaching capabilities and presentation skills at the center stage.

Automobile driving events include : FIGURE DRIVING (maneuvering in a tight 7m x 7m box / parallel and reverse parking); BRAKING & SWERVING (sudden braking and steering on low-friction surface); PYLON SLALOM on wet surface; and COURSE SLALOM.

The automobile division is composed of Left-Hand Drive (LHD) and Right-Hand Drive (RHD) categories, where twenty-three (23) instructors from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Turkey, China, Korea and Australia are grouped together. Mr. Paguio won in the LHD segment.

Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) Philippines is likewise represented in the Motorcycle Division by Ghilbert Cababa, who bravely challenged the top position usually dominated by instructors from Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Notwithstanding heat, wind and rain, competition in the motorcycle events like BRAKING, PYLON SLALOM, COURSE SLALOM and PLANK RIDING remained highly-intense.

All events are designed for instructors to further enhance their knowledge and skills on analytical driving, accuracy driving and vehicle balancing which are all crucial to having safer and more efficient drives.

Having won 1st place in the automobile category on its 2nd year of participation, Kazuhiko Ikezoe, HSDC President remarked, "This year's performance is totally remarkable. We are like the David among the Goliaths of driving schools. Our instructors fought against competitors who join the competition year after year. This may prove that the Filipino instructors of HSDC have already attained that level of competence and professionalism expected of a Honda instructor anywhere around the world."

The Safety-Japan Instructors Championship is a yearly event organized by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (Japan) in an effort to provide opportunities for Honda instructors to enhance training skills and learn new techniques in a competitive environment. No less than 220 instructors from various Honda subsidiaries engaged in driving safety initiatives around the world have gathered to exchange training experiences and unique approaches to effective driver education.

"Joining the 11th Safety-Japan Instructors Championship is an important step toward the much-awaited opening of HSDC next year. Winning the competition is an important achievement that will benefit the students of HSDC in the near future. This annual competition is our laboratory; this is where our quality instructors and effective courses will come from," said Arnel Doria, General Manager of HSDC, upon his return from Suzuka with the instructors.

HSDC will open its doors to the public in March, 2008. It is located at Km. 17 East Service Road, South Superhighway, Paranaque City.