After six long months of halted production in Honda's Ayutthaya manufacturing plant in Thailand, the plant is now back to its normal operations trying to cope up to an approximately 260,000 units that got delayed in last year's production when the flooding started to hit them.


The Honda Automobile Thailand Co., Ltd., the Honda automobile production subsidiary in Thailand has suspended production since October 4, due to parts supply disruptions and damage sustained from the flood. Since completing the drainage of the flood water at the end of November 2011, HATC had been exerting company-wide efforts to clean, inspect, repair and replace plant facilities and manufacturing equipment, which were damaged by the flood.

After approximately four months of such restoration efforts, HATC is now ready to resume automobile productions at its plant. HATC is planning to hold a ceremony on March 31, 2012 to commemorate the resumption of production.


Honda has been supplying automobiles alternatively from Japan to some countries in the Asia Oceania Region including Thailand, which were impacted by the disruption of production due to the flooding. However, as of today, all production plants have resumed production and are expected to normalize in April. For all other Honda production operations outside of the Asia Oceania Region, the impact of the flooding in Thailand has already been resolved.

Positioning HATC as one of the most important production operations in the Asia Oceania Region, Honda was totally committed to realizing the earliest possible recovery. Honda will maintain the same positioning of HATC in the future and further promote business operations in Thailand.