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Honda promotes the use of genuine parts for road safety


Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), together with Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), unite for active campaign against counterfeit spare parts and product infringement to ensure road safety.

Product infringement takes place when another company or a different company copies the work of a certain company.

"Recently, we have confiscated fake car and motorcycle parts such as timing belts, brake pads, tie rods, clutch covers, accelerators, clutch covers, and pistons,"
Mr. Danny Pedro said, HCPI's VP for Parts and Service. "Part of the legal procedure, we, at Honda, destroy these fake parts in HCPI in Sta. Rosa Laguna," he added.

"This infringement displays unfair competition, trademark infringement and violation of Honda's IP rights," Mr. Pedro said.

Honda protects and values its Intellectual Property Rights (IPO) and its customers as well.

Honda creates vehicles that provide driving pleasure and care for the passengers. Through the use of Honda products, customers are guaranteed safe on the road.

A Honda product is known for its safety feature and class superiority in its class. This is evident among its line of sedans and motorcycles. One example is the Civic's VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) for the 2.0L model and ABS (antilock braking system) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) for driving obstacles.

Honda encourages the public to buy products from authorized Honda dealers and outlets only.

For more information, visit your nearest Honda dealer.
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