Honda welcomes the year 2006 way ahead of everyone as it launches its face lifted City. Growing tired of all the ire they had been getting from its cynics when compared to its Jazz sibling, particularly in the looks department, it was back to the drawing board for the Honda Research and Design Team led by chief engineer Takashi Saito, and the refreshing 2006 City was the great result of that effort.

The most evident change was the front and back profile. Say goodbye to the unproportioned dimension of yesterday's City as the new one now has a slightly longer, taller hood and trunk profile. This effort in turn, made the car's design more integrated than ever in all viewing points. The rear also receives new design taillights that make the car look wider.

Additional visual refreshments to the new City also include the smoked finish design of the alloy wheels for the 1.3 and 1.5 variants, as well as dual horns and a print-type radio antenna. Further tweaks to the new Honda City include an up rated suspension system, increased high speed range, and stronger support arm brackets. Unseen but welcome revisions include an improved engine sound and brake pedal feel.

The interior also gets refreshed for the 2006 Honda City. Optitron meters now grace the top of the line 1.5 V variant. Silver is the theme for the City's interior especially the center console area, and are also complemented by the new two-tone upholstery. the 1.3 models now sport a two-tone gray interior while the 1.5 models receive a Jazz-like two-tone black interior. An MP3 stereo system and keyless entry system is now standard for the Jazz 1.5. The driver's seat now includes a height-adjuster knob.

What endeared the Honda City to its patrons is still available, like the 500 liter trunk capacity that rivals larger vehicles, and the U.L.T. seating concept, which allows extra flexibility and versatility both in seating and cargo loading. All these features are possible via Honda's innovative Central Tank Fuel Layout platform, which frees up space on all vital dimensions such as headroom and legroom.

Still, the 2006 Honda City carries the firm's cutting edge technologies, such as the 1.3 liter i-Dsi engine for the S models and the 1.5 liter VTEC engine for the V models. The former is known for its miser fuel consumption and breathtaking performance never heard of from a 1.3 liter, while the latter is offered to those who want to indulge in a more spirited drive and at the same time achieve outstanding fuel economy. Plus points are also given to the V variant as it is EURO 4 emissions compliant. A choice between the slick manual and the seamless CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is available for both variants. The manual transmission is for the one who wants to have more control over the engine, while the shift shock-free CVT is for the casual cruiser who wants a more relaxed drive around town. Safety is never compromised in a Honda as the top V variant has Anti-Lock Brakes with Brake Assist and Electronic Force Distribution, Dual SRS Air Bags, and a crash-worthy cabin that Honda calls G-CON.

Say hello to the new and refreshing form but never to the function with the new 2006 City. SRP for the Honda City is PHP 561,000 for the A variant (fleet, base model). For the 1.3 liter S model, PHP 601,000 is the price tag for the manual transmission variant while it's PHP 641,000 for the CVT variant. For the 1.5 Liter VTEC V variant, it's PHP 681,000 for the manual transmission and PHP 721,000 for the CVT variant. New colors are Alabaster Silver Metallic, Shoreline Mist metallic, Night Hawk Black, Red Rock Pearl, and Taffeta White for the base variant.