Honda Motor Company recently revealed the 3D-printed Micro Commuter Electric Vehicle (EV) at the 2016 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) in Japan.

The 3D-printed Micro Commuter EV was made possible in collaboration with Kabuki Inc. for use by the Japanese confectionary maker, Toshimaya. Based on an open innovation model, the vehicle incorporates the idea of a variable design.

The cargo area of the Micro Commuter EV

Honda claims that the chassis used is the brand's rigid yet lightweight pipe frame structure. Its exterior panels and cargo space, on the other hand, were 3D printed.

The Micro Commuter is powered by Honda's Micro EV technology which is specifically designed for short-range trips only. It has a maximum range of 80 km and has the same battery pack found in the MC- β ultra compact EV, also found in Japan.

The parts of the Honda Micro Commuter EV laid out

Also, the short-range car offers a limited seat with only one provided for the driver. Its cargo space, however, gets a large space to carry deliveries of sweet treats such as Toshiyama’s most famous product, the Hato sablé, a dove-shaped shortbread.