Honda revealed official photos of the next-generation 2013 Accord which it plans to sell in the US market this fall. Honda claims the car to be 'The most sculpted Accord ever delivers an even more spacious and luxurious passenger cabin wrapped in an upscale, sophisticated exterior designed to stand the test of time.'

rear view

While the design of the new generation Accord seems to be more of a major facelift from the current model, we think it might follow the Civic which was shortened from the previous model. Designated as the ninth-generation, it embraces a customer focus from the inside out as with the current generation Civic following Honda's 'man-maximum, machine minimum' concept. A smart interior packaging increases the cabin and cargo space despite a shortened exterior. Honda claims that the 'noticeably' shorter length contributes to a sportier driving character, but sure won't question that it will be easier to park.

A more aerodynamic styling and underbody tailoring to improve fuel efficiency, premium features such as LED daytime running lights and LED tail lights, and a more luxurious interior were the only details revealed. Honda says that it will reveal more details about the engine and dimensions come this fall.