Honda's Dreams Cafe offers a drink called VTEC TurBrew

If you ever wanted to check out the N7X Concept in person, all you have to do is head to Honda’s new coffee shop in Indonesia. The concept crossover is currently will be on display from May 5 to June 6, 2021. While already there, why not enjoy everything that the Honda Dream Cafe has to offer.

Honda’s new Dreams Cafe lets you taste VTEC image

The Honda Dreams Cafe is located at Senayan Park in Jakarta, and it is one of the first in the world. Like a traditional café, there are various cakes and drinks to choose from. Honda, however, has put a unique twist to the names of special items on the menu. For example, there’s the Sensing ACC (Authentic Coconut Coffee), a wordplay on Honda Sensing and adaptive cruise control.

What we’re interested in is the VTEC TurBrew. According to the menu, it’s a combination of nitro coffee, apple juice, bubblegum syrup, and grapefruit extract. Is that what VTEC tastes like?

Honda’s new Dreams Cafe lets you taste VTEC image

Aside from the aptly named drinks, there is also an exhibit of Honda’s latest tech for automobiles, motorbikes, and jets. Dreams Café visitors can find out more information about the Civic Type R, the HondaJet, and even the Honda’s foldable electric scooter called the Transcooter. If you’re lucky, there might even be other Honda vehicles on display apart from the N7X.

Honda’s new Dreams Cafe lets you taste VTEC image

Once VTEC, err, caffeine kicks in, there’s a Formula 1 racing simulator where you can try and set the fastest lap times. The fastest drivers will have their names and times listed on the Dreams Cafe website. We’re not sure what track they’re driving on, but the difference between the times of drivers is quite significant.

As much as we want to visit the Dreams Cafe, that’s still impossible given the current situation. Hopefully, instead of traveling to Indonesia, Honda Cars Philippines can open up something similar here.