Honda wants to take on Subaru's Wilderness line with TrailSport

When it comes to off-road-oriented vehicles, Honda usually isn't the first brand that comes to mind. While they do have several models equipped with 4WD, such as the CR-V and the Pilot, they're not marketed for off-roading or trailing, unlike Subaru's new Wilderness line.

But that will all change soon. Before the year ends, the automaker will launch a new off-road-focused sub-brand, and it's called TrailSport.

Honda did not disclose full details about their new line of off-road-oriented models. But, they did say it will come with more aggressive tires, better ground clearance, and retuned suspension for better off-road performance. TrailSport models will also come with added underbody protection and an improved all-wheel-drive system to take on the rugged terrain.

Aside from improved off-road performance, TrailSport models will also come with more rugged styling. That said, expect revised front and rear bumpers, together with thicker and more durable black cladding on the exterior. Inside, the cabin will get exclusive touches, including high-contrast orange stitching and signature all-weather mats that are easier to clean.

But which vehicles will get the TrailSport makeover? Based on the teaser photo provided by Honda, it seems that the Passport will be the first. It's a bit hard to make out because of the dirt being kicked up, but the model in question does resemble the SUV's taillights. Aside from the vehicle, the automaker also revealed what the new TrailSport badge looks like.

“TrailSport represents the next chapter in our rugged direction and will bring exclusive styling to our existing light trucks that will appeal to buyers seeking adventure. Our US engineering team is leveraging more than 20 years of experience creating highly capable light trucks to develop this new series of adventure-ready vehicles,” said Dave Gardner, executive vice president of National Operations at American Honda.

Aside from the Passport, expect Honda's only pick-up, the Ridgeline, to get the same treatment. The TrailSport trim could then be expanded later to the Pilot and the CR-V as well.

Will Honda be able to take on Subaru's Wilderness line with the upcoming TrailSport models? Let us know what you think in the comments section.