China is one of the largest automotive markets in the world today. The market is so big, that manufacturers have already built China-exclusive models in order to make their brands more appealing to customers in the region. It’s no surprise then that big auto shows such as Auto Shanghai are also becoming popular places to show off new models.

In a bid to capture the electric vehicle (EV) market in China, Honda has revealed the X-NV Concept at the 2019 Auto Shanghai. Built jointly by Honda Motor China Technology and Dongfeng Honda, the X-NV Concept is an electric crossover based on the HR-V, and previews an upcoming production model EV crossover.

Honda’s XN-V Concept is another HR-V based EV crossover for China image

When compared to the HR-V, the X-NV Concept has undergone a major makeover when it comes to styling. The front fascia now features a pair of slim headlights coupled with a new bumper with large air intake vents. At the rear, the concept sports a new full-width LED taillight. New vents have also been placed alongside the rear bumper to give it a sportier appeal. Black cladding and new wheels complete the transformation from HR-V to X-NV. Meanwhile, blue accents help signal that the car is an EV. 

For now, Honda has yet to release details of the X-NV’s powertrain and interior. Expect the full details to be made public once the production model debuts later this year.  

Honda’s XN-V Concept is another HR-V based EV crossover for China image

Now doesn’t an HR-V based EV crossover sound familiar? Last year, Honda revealed their first ever EV crossover called the Everus VE-1, which happens to based on the HR-V as well. One of the main differences between the two, aside from styling, would be that the VE-1 is built by GAC Honda instead of Dongfeng Honda.

Both the Everus EV1 and the X-NV Concept are part of the company’s goal in introducing more than 20 electrified models in the Chinese market by 2025. Plug-in hybrid models are set to be introduced starting in 2020. That said, expect the production model X-NV to be a China-only model yet again.