Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) has recently announced the opening of special short courses to enhance the driving skills of automobile drivers and motorcycle riders. Each lasting 100 minutes (1:40 hrs), the courses will focus on specific skills and techniques in various driving/riding situations. Each course starts with a 15-minute safety orientation which includes proper riding/driving posture, 360-degree scanning, spotting for hazards and dangers, and blind spot areas. This is followed by a 75-minute practice session, and closes with a 10-minute discussion time to address concerns and answer questions from the trainee.

Offered for both motorcycles and automobiles, the Wet & Emergency Braking course is an advanced program that gives even experienced riders/drivers the opportunity to practice emergency braking on a simulated wet road surface. In this program, the trainee learns how to avoid wheel-lock, particularly on vehicles with no ABS, through modulation of the brake pedal pressure. The trainee also learns how to deal with a skidding car or motorcycle. Vehicle control on uphill and downhill slopes is also part of the program. The Wet & Emergency Braking course is very affordably priced at P180 for motorcycles and P950 for automobiles.

Specific for motorcycle riders, HSDC is also offering the Dirt (Off-Road) course, which allows riders to practice riding and handling motorcycles on a loose dirt track. Experienced riders know that loose traction often results in a crash. With repeated exercises, the trainee gains the confidence to control his ride on dirt roads. The Dirt (Off-Road) program is offered for P180.

Riders may also enrol for the Riding Control Exercises to practice doing figure-8s, crank (90-degree) turns, and S-courses to learn proper ride control during turns, where spills often occur. Each Riding Control session costs P180.

Meanwhile, for those wishing to move to larger-displacement motorcycles, HSDC offers Big Bike Riding Exercises to give the rider a practice session on how to control and maneuver heavier bikes, through various training exercises on the simulated road course. The Big Bike Riding Exercises is priced at P490 per session.

As part of its automobile short courses, HSDC is also offering Parking Exercises to drivers who wish to improve their parking skills. Trainees will learn how to park with less effort, avoiding fender-benders and bumper scratches, thus giving them the confidence to handle the tight parking spaces typically found in Metro Manila malls and buildings. Each session costs P950.

A course on Night Driving Exercises allows the trainee to develop the confidence and skill to be a safer driver by practicing in HSDC's controlled conditions. Night driving presents additional difficulties particularly to new drivers as they have to deal with such conditions as visibility limited to the reach of their headlights, temporary blindness from approaching vehicle headlights, hard-to-spot road signs, etc. The Night Driving course is offered at P1,200 per session.

For more information, visit or call 838-0184. The Honda Safety Driving Center is located at Km. 17, East Service Road, Bicutan, Parañaque City.