Do you like the styling upgrades Honda made to the 2019 Civic? Do you want to add a bit more flair in it? If you said yes to both, Honda has got you covered.

Aside from the reveal of the updated 2019 Civic, Honda also showed Modulo body kits for the popular sedan. In standard Modulo flair, you can mix and match cosmetic upgrades to the Civic, both inside and out. There are three Modulo packages to choose from, namely Aero Sport, Aero, and Smart. Each of the kits have varying styles, one being more aggressive than the other.

 Honda spices up 2019 Civic with Modulo upgrades


The Aero package serves as the base of the three. Choose that kit and you get a front under spoiler with a deeper front apron and a gloss black strip. You also get a kit for the corners of the rear bumper, adding creases and edges to the panel. Last but not least is a pair of unique side skirts to give the car a lower looking stance.

 Honda spices up 2019 Civic with Modulo upgrades

Moving to the Smart package and it has all the Aero pack has. The main difference of the Smart and the Aero package is the addition of a small trunk lip spoiler. As for the Aero Sport kit, the trunk lip spoiler on the Aero is replaced by a taller wing. As for the wheels, it's a separate option from the kit and can be paired to any of the packages. It features a multi-spoke design and it comes in either a two-tone finish, or tri-tone.

 Honda spices up 2019 Civic with Modulo upgrades

As for the interior, you have a choice of standard or illuminated scuff plates, and a special leather gear selector knob. Sport pedals can also be added to the car. Other options in the Modulo catalog are heavy-duty rubber mats, auto-dimming rear-view mirror, trunk tray, dashcam, and even Modulo-branded child seats.

Like the current Civic, the Modulo packages can be added to the 1.8 E and 1.5 RS Turbo models. So while the new Civic isn't here just yet, you'll get to see how you can dress it up even before it gets to the local showrooms.