Honda has announced what they will be highlighting something special at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Consisting mostly of concepts, some of these cars were shown earlier this year, namely the NeuV, the all-new CR-V and, more recently, the Urban EV concept. Now, the Sports EV Concept will also grace the show.

The Japanese automaker showed a preview of its next concept in the form of a teaser sketch. It appears to be a coupe with a long hood and a short deck. There are some retro elements incorporated in the design, namely with its 'coke-bottle' rear haunches and square tail lights. It's size has yet to be determined but Honda says it shares the same platform as the Urban EV concept. That means it may be the within the B-segment category.

That said, the concept's retro cues hint at a modernized version of the Honda S600 Coupe, the last small two-door fastback from the brand. Honda also hinted that the front of the car will have a 'friendly' fascia. With the Urban EV Concept sporting round headlights, it is possible that the Sports EV concept might just get the same treatment.

As the name suggests, the Sports EV Concept will be an all-electric vehicle. Honda claims that it combines EV performance with artificial intelligence technology. It is likely then that it boasts of semi-autonomous driving capabilities. All in all, Honda pitches the small coupe as one that represents a new generation in lightweight sports cars.