Honda was indeed busy making a smaller version of the mighty NSX. However, you won't be seeing it on the road anytime soon. It can only be found roaming the tracks of Gran Turismo Sport and it's called the Sports Vision GT.

It's a mid-engine, turbocharged sports car that features a sharp-looking exterior and low, wide stance. The car itself was penned by the company's design studio in Los Angeles and takes inspiration from things that look fun.

Honda Sports Vision GT ready for Gran Turismo Sport

Despite being made solely for the digital realm, Honda actually designed the car via computer simulations and even went to the trouble of building a full-scale model for wind-testing. This allowed Honda to fully test the car's aerodynamic properties in real-life scenarios.

The front fascia gets slim LED headlights and a prominent bumper and grill. Large twin-five-spoke alloy wheels dominate the side and are wrapped in low-profile tires. Meanwhile, the rear heavily resembles the NSX thanks to rear deck design, eye-catching taillights and dual exhausts.

Honda Sports Vision GT ready for Gran Turismo Sport

Inside, the Sports Vision GT has a cockpit-inspired design and comes with a futuristic steering wheel and instrument panel. Operating the transmission is done by a set of buttons much like the its bigger brother, the NSX. It also gets a pair of racing bucket seats, racing harnesses and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Driving the 'baby-NSX' is a 2.0-liter turbocharged DOHC four-cylinder engine with i-VTEC. It doles out 403 PS and is connected to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission that drives the rear wheels. As the car only weighs in at a light 899 kg, expect the Sports Vision GT to be light around corners and quick at the straightaways.

Honda Sports Vision GT ready for Gran Turismo Sport

There is no word yet if Honda will make a limited production model for the open road.