Remember Knight Rider and KITT from the 80’s?

If you don’t, well Honda is working on bringing us ‘back to the future’ by developing artificial intelligence (AI) for vehicles so that it can converse and share experiences with its drivers in order for both to form a stronger bond.

Sounds so hi-tech and futuristic?

Not anymore.

Honda R&D Co., Ltd. has announced that it will partner with SoftBank Corp. to create an ‘emotion engine’ for mobility products.

This new branch of operation will focus primarily on research and development of intelligent technologies at the Honda R&D Innovation Lab Tokyo in Akasaka, Tokyo by September 2016.

The goal of both Honda and Softbank is to enable the vehicle to use information gathered from conversations with the driver, and data from various sensors and cameras around the vehicle in order to understand the emotion of the driver and to engage in the dialogue with the driver from the perspective of what the vehicle is feeling.

Aside from the obvious benefits of artificial intelligence, which include mood sensing, driver recognition and more, this technology will allow the driver and vehicle to create a strong bond formed by shared experiences together.

Honda’s goal is to create new relationships between people and mobility products.