Honda’s first-ever mass-produced electric vehicle (EV) is the retro-looking Honda e which debuted last 2019. However, it seems the 5-door hatchback soon will be joined by another EV. Better yet, we will even get to see Honda’s next EV in concept form at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show happening from September 26 to October 5, 2020.  

For the time being, Honda has only released a teaser image, giving us a preview of what the next mass-produced EV will look like. Interestingly, the Japanese automaker didn’t even release the name of the model just yet. We also don’t know whether or not it will be a sedan or a crossover.  

Based on what we do have, the lone photo, we do get to see the EV concept’s front end. It features sleek LED headlights similarly styled to the Civic and Accord united by an LED light strip. Just below it sits a big illuminated Honda logo with a hologram-like design. Given that it is an EV, it can be assumed that there is no grill. Other visible details include LED foglights and multi-spoke wheels.

Judging by the proportions of the silhouette, the mystery EV does resemble a sedan. However, with the complete lack of details, we could be mistaken. For now, we will just have to wait until Honda reveals the EV concept at the Beijing Auto Show.

The EV Concept will be joined by other electrified Honda models including the CR-V PHEV. Yes, the CR-V will be getting a plug-in hybrid variant for the very first time and will be introduced in China. Similar to the EV, no details have been released just yet. There wasn't even a photo.

We don’t know what other surprises Honda has for us later this month. Beijing will be the second auto show to be held in the midst of a pandemic after the Bangkok International Motor Show a few months ago.