Almost every day, car manufacturers register a name in trademark offices all over the world. Be it an old name the company wants to keep, or a new name hinting a different model, the car industry throws in a surprise now and then.

The latest one is from Honda, and we're curious as to what it will be like.

The name? ZR-V.

No, that's not a typo of CR-V. The Honda had recently filed ZR-V in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which was registered last April 17, 2020. At the moment, there aren't a lot of clues to go on other than the name. 

Given how Honda names their cars, the ZR-V could be a crossover of some sort. Aside from Pilot, Ridgeline, and Passport, most of Honda's crossovers have “R-V” in their names. There's the BR-V, CR-V, HR-V, WR-V in Latin American markets, along with UR-V, and XR-V in China. With that, it is likely that the ZR-V, should Honda use the name, might be a crossover as well. The name was registered in Australia, so it might be a model for the Asia and Oceania region.

Then there's the question of its size. Just because Z is the last letter of the alphabet, it doesn't necessarily mean that this could be a large crossover. Besides, Honda already has the Pilot and, to some degree, the Passport for that. Simply put, it's too early to tell what the ZR-V might be.

For now, only Honda knows what use they will have for the ZR-V name. The only certainty is that Honda could use it for a car. After all, the trademark is filed under 'automobiles' in the trademark database.