As a new decade dawns upon us, Honda is taking their hybrid and EV (electric vehicle) technologies to the next step. Following the release of the Honda e and Fit/Jazz Hybrid, the Japanese automaker is laying down the foundations for their future.

Honda ushers in a new era of hybrid and electric power image

In the hybrid forefront is a totally new dual-motor hybrid system. It was first seen in the all-new Accord hybrid and has trickled down to the subcompact Jazz. Its compact, lightweight batteries allow the cars to run longer on pure electric mode and the dedicated electric drive mode will let owners depend less on fuel as well. At the same time, the dual-motor system lets the batteries charge up quicker, all while delivering more potent performance.

Honda e image

With the new e:Hybrid system, we're expecting this to be applied in more Hondas within the next decade. With the all-new Fit/Jazz out, the City appears to be next in line to be fitted with the electrically-assisted powertrain. Another possible candidate is the next-generation HR-V, which is still a few years away.

Honda ushers in a new era of hybrid and electric power image

On to electric vehicles, that revolution in Honda was started by the 'e'. It's Honda's first ever pure electric vehicle for mass production, signifying Honda's eventual shift to battery power. The Honda e will likely be the first of many electric Hondas we'll be seeing, and the retro-inspired subcompact hatchback is just the beginning.