One could say that driving a manual isn't as prevalent as it used to be. With the automatic transmission becoming more widespread in availability and popularity, sales of manuals have dipped. In an effort to save the manuals, Honda has gone out of their way to teach drivers of the future the art of the stick shift.

The event was called Shifting Gears and was set in Los Angeles. The goal was to teach drivers how to operate a manual transmission for the first time. Now, the event wasn't just filled with entry-level models, it was actually quite the opposite.

Honda wants us to learn (or re-learn) the art of stick shift driving

There, participants could choose to hone their skills with a wide variety of Honda cars. There was the Honda Fit (Jazz) Sport and a Civic Si, to name a few. Those who joined the event can also practice shifting gears with a Civic Type, R along a handful of icons such as the Civic CVCC (first-generation), Prelude SH and even a rare S2000 CR.

Besides that, Honda also made a video on how to drive a manual with the all-new Accord; yes, manual Accords still exist. As for the video, it's short and concise, skipping a lot of the technical jargon for easier understanding. From depressing the clutch, rowing through the gears and coming to a stop, the video covers it.

If anything, it looks like Honda is actively campaigning to save the good old manual transmission from the tide of automatics, continuously variable transmissions and dual-clutches.