Pedal misapplication, sudden unintended acceleration, call it what you want but there are instances when drivers mash the gas pedal instead of the brakes. Incidents like these lead to accidents, causing damage and, sometimes, injuries to those involved.

In order to prevent such instances, Honda has decided to add an anti-pedal misapplication device to their cars in the future. It will be part of the Honda Sensing safety suite so any car that has it fitted, be it the Jazz or the Legend, will have this potentially life-saving device.

This system relies on radars and ultrasonic sensors to be activated. When it senses that the vehicle is about to hit an object, it cuts engine power and applies the strongest possible amount of braking force to prevent the collision in the first place. In some Honda models, it can also work in reverse gear in order to prevent accidents in garages and parking spaces. With some automakers also adapting this safety device, Honda joins the others in an effort to make motoring as accident-free as possible.

But what if the Honda vehicle is not fitted with anti-pedal misapplication? You don't have to have Honda Sensing to have this device. They are working on retrofitting other models in order to accommodate this feature. For now, Honda isn't saying how but mentioned that they are working on a way to engineer it to older models.

As for Honda Sensing, it features an array of active safety devices to keep the car on the road and away from harm. The system includes collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control. Locally, these features can be found in the top of the line CR-V, the SX AWD variant. For the rest of the Honda range, stability control is available on their cars from the City, all the way to the Accord.