Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. is set to introduce a new engine technology that goes beyond power. Arriving in the All-New V6 Honda Accord is the i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control) engine equipped with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), a new generation of fuel-efficient technology.

Combining power and fuel economy is typically improbable in conventional engines. With the VCM system, optimal power output, promising fuel economy and lesser harmful emissions in actual driving situations become possible by simply closing down cylinders when not needed. VCM tailors the number of cylinders to be activated to match one's driving requirements.

During start-up, acceleration, high-speed driving along North Luzon Expressway or uphill climbing to Baguio City, the engine operates on all 6 cylinders, thereby unleashing full power output potential of the Accord. For mid-speed driving along Subic or climbing a moderately inclined road, the engine deactivates 2 cylinders and runs on 4 cylinders. Meanwhile, fuel economy is optimized while cruising around town on moderate speed or driving downhill from Tagaytay. It is when the engine runs at 3 cylinder mode while the other 3 cylinders are closed down. With the VCM system, it is like having three engines in one.

Seamless activation and deactivation of cylinders from 6 to either 4 or 3 brings about the coining of its nickname, VCM 6 4 3.

The ingenuity behind Honda's VCM system is that it complements with its VTEC concept. VTEC adjusts valve timing and valve opening depending on the driving situation to optimize fuel economy and power output. Honda uses VTEC mechanism in closing down cylinder as it deactivates and closes the cylinder intake and exhaust valves. In inactive cylinders, spark plugs continue to fire up to keep the cylinders clean.

To know more about Variable Cylinder Management, visit any Honda dealer nearest you. You may also check-out or simply type-in VCM643 on online search engines.