Hot Wheels, one of our favorite toy brands, is celebrating their 50th anniversary this May. First introduced in 1968, the brand has since become somewhat of a household name with regard to small toy cars. The 1:64 scale die-cast models have also grown from replicas of vehicles to having the brand's own custom creations.

In order to commemorate their 50th year, Hot Wheels has a number of live events, special products, and commemorative items planned for the year. One such event in the United States is the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. The brand will be visiting 14 different Walmart stores across the US in search of a custom car worthy to be turned into Hot Wheels die cast toy.

Hot Wheels turns 50 this year

But what if you're not based in the US? Not to worry as Hot Wheels will also be releasing some new products and commemorative items which will hopefully make their way over to our shores soon. One of the most awaited items would have to be the Hot Wheels 50th Original Collection. The brand will be releasing replicas of the five Hot Wheels originals from the 'Sweet 16'. The collectibles come complete with legacy graphics, original packaging, original detailed Spectraflame paint, Redline wheels and a collectible button.

For the dedicated Hot Wheels collectors, the brand will also be releasing The Hot Wheels Book by Assouline as well as a 50th anniversary commemorative coin. The book will show the brand's history documenting the origin and evolution of the toy cars we all know today. At the same time, a commemorative coin will also be released in Australia. It will be made from 'nearly 100-percent silver' and sport two Hot Wheels cars as well as the 50th anniversary logo. Only 5,000 of these will be released.

Hot Wheels turns 50 this year

Apart from the events and products, Hot Wheels partnered with several brands, manufacturers and personalities. Hot Wheels teams up with Chevrolet for the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Camaro, which sports a custom paint wheels and interior. They even got Formula 1 Champion Nico Rosberg and streetwear brand Illest to further promote the brand.

With Hot Wheels now pushing 50 years old, how many of those early models do you still have with you?