It has been nearly five years since Mitsubishi became part of the Alliance. Now partnered with Nissan and Renault, Mitsubishi shares its platforms and technologies with the other two manufacturers. For the past couple of years, it's Nissan and Mitsubishi who collaborate more often, while Nissan and Renault usually work together.

This time around, it's Renault who will give Mitsubishi a hand. Mitsubishi recently announced that they will sell their versions of the Arkana and Kadjar over in Europe. These two crossovers will be the second and third Mitsubishi-badged Renaults after the French automaker supplied them the Express van for Australia and Oceania.

But that got us thinking, what else can Mitsubishi get from Renault? Let's take a look at what the French have on hand.

How can Mitsubishi benefit from Renault? image

Let's start with the Clio. The Clio is a subcompact hatchback aimed at the likes of the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris. This small hatchback could form the basis for the next-generation Mirage. While Mitsubishi is concentrating on crossovers now, a new budget hatchback will help budget-conscious car shoppers into their showroom. As it stands, the current Mirage is already eight years old, and it's about time they come up with an all-new model.

How can Mitsubishi benefit from Renault? image

While we're on the subject of cars, Mitsubishi could also benefit from the Renault Megane sedan. According to Renault, they say that the C-segment sedan is a global model. With that in mind, Mitsubishi can revive the Lancer with Renault's help. Mitsubishi discontinued the Lancer in most countries a few years ago. The only country that offers it is Taiwan. Many still clamor for the Lancer, and it would be great if Mitsubishi brings it back.

How can Mitsubishi benefit from Renault? image

Mitsubishi doesn't have a budget crossover in its line-up at the moment. Should they source one from Renault instead of Nissan, their best bet would be the Kwid. The Kwid is designed for Latin America, India, and emerging markets. With a ground clearance of 184 mm, it's high enough to take on rough roads and a few floods. The 1.0-liter engine is also good news for those looking for an efficient, high-riding vehicle. With more manufacturers offering crossovers for less than PHP 1 million, a Mitsubishi version of the Kwid makes sense here.

With Mitsubishi assigned to spearhead sales Alliance sales in the ASEAN region, we might see more Nissan and Renault-based models down the line. If that's the case, future Mitsubishi models might just come with a bit of French flair.