Ford is taking the all-new Explorer Plug-in Hybrid to new heights, literally.

If you ever find yourself in Norway, don't be surprised to see a Ford Explorer PHEV sitting on top of a 47-meter climbing tower. But how were they able to put the Explorer PHEV on top of the structure?

How did Ford get an Explorer on top of that? image

Before we get to that, let's start with why Ford placed it there in the first place. According to the Blue Oval, it's actually part of the 'Explore New Heights' challenge, which was designed to celebrate the spirit of adventure and determination. The fastest climber to scale the tower will win a free, two-year lease on the all-new Explorer PHEV.

The project itself took six months of planning, which included a detailed investigation by the engineers and architects to ensure the 'OVER' tower could safely support the Explorer PHEV and the platform it's sitting on. Ford also worked with champion climber Martin Mobraten to create a challenging climbing route. Tough obstacles and spectacular jumps were placed to test even the most experienced climbers.

How did Ford get an Explorer on top of that? image

A total of 14 climbers competed in the short qualifying round, with the top six finishers taking on the final challenge. The winner of the challenge was 21-year old Leo Ketil Boe, who completed the climb in just 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Not only did he win a free two-year lease on the Explorer, but he also won a 1/100 scale 3D-printed model of the OVER tower as a trophy.

“It takes the most adventurous customers to really test a vehicle as capable as our Explorer Plug-In Hybrid, so we knew that not even the world’s tallest free-standing climbing tower could stand in their way. Our goal with Explore New Heights was to create an inspiring symbol of exploration and adventure as people across Europe start to head out and enjoy the summer after a challenging year,” said Dan Jones, Senior Manager of Passenger Vehicle Communications, Ford of Europe.

How did Ford get an Explorer on top of that? image

Think you got what it takes to climb to the very top? The Ford Explorer PHEV will remain on top of the OVER tower until August 27. Visitors that wish to take on the Explore New Heights challenge can either climb to the top or just take the stairs. Those able to successfully get to the top of the tower will receive a free limited-edition t-shirt and a photo opportunity with the Ford Explorer.

As to how Ford was able to place the SUV on top of the structure, Ford used a very tall crane to place the Explorer on its perch. While it looks simple, do remember that the structure it's sitting on measures over 45 meters tall.

Check out the video and see for yourself just how tall the tower the Explorer is sitting on.