Think you got away sneaking your number coded car? Think again.

While there was no enforcer to flag you down, the MMDA's eyes have most likely tagged you. Their cameras are hard at work catching violators. In fact, they reckon they catch about 17,000 motorists a month.

These days, there are over 300 cameras keeping a watchful eye around Metro Manila. Since then, the amount of apprehensions have increased over three times since the last time MMDA posted an update. That was from 3,000 apprehensions, to the 17,000 they have reported now. Those cameras never sleep either, and it's constantly monitored by the operators all day.

But that's not all. No Contact Apprehension also covers video footage from citizens filming a moving violation. If listed publicly and the MMDA manages to see the video, the violator could expect summons coming his or her way. Case in point: The Maria Isabel Lopez and ASEAN lane incident. Of course, the cameras don't do all the work. There will always be MMDA constables scouting and patrolling Metro Manila roads, more so in areas that are still not covered by the cameras. Just because there's a camera in the area, there is no constable present on the road.

If caught, summons will be sent to the registered owner in the case of private vehicles. For buses, the bus company's liaison officer may pick up the summons in MMDA's Records Division. That said, if the registered owner no longer has possession of the vehicle, he or she must prove it with a notarized deed of sale, along with the name and address of the current owner.

Got a letter from the MMDA? You may settle the fine either in the MMDA Main Office, SM Bills Payment, LBC, and accredited Bayad Centers nationwide. If you let it go unchecked, there will be an LTO Alarm placed on the vehicle and your registration renewal for next year will be blocked.

So to avoid the hassle altogether, the MMDA's message is clear and simple: Always follow the rules of the road, no matter where you are or what time you're driving.

There will always be somebody watching.