It’s quite common for automakers to issue vehicle recalls. Sometimes it’s for a very small issue that can be ignored but more often than not it involves something that can potentially affect your safety and vehicle operation.

To make it easier to check if your vehicle is included in service recalls and campaigns, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has launched the new online Service Campaign Checker as part of their website.

For those wondering, yes, you can use the new online checker to see if your vehicle is included in TMP’s recent campaign regarding the faulty fuel pumps in some versions of the Fortuner, Innova, Corolla Altis, Prado, and Alphard. Better yet, you can also see if your model and other Toyota vehicles are included in TMP’s other recalls.

Using the online checker is very easy. All you need to do is input your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). From there, you can see whether or not your Toyota is included in any active recall or service campaign by TMP.

Not sure where you can find the VIN on your car? You can find it at your vehicle’s OR/CR, owner’s handbook/manual as part of the warranty registration card, on the dashboard near the windshield, and on the vehicle sales invoice.

You can now check if your vehicle is part of Toyota PH’s Service Campaign image

Currently, TMP has two types of service campaigns – Special Service Campaign and Customer Satisfaction Campaign. Special Service Campaign involves safety-related issues and recalls for vehicles, such as the faulty fuel pump issue. Meanwhile, Customer Service Campaigns are issued to prevent other vehicle problems and are offered for a limited time period only.

Should your Toyota be included in one of TMP’s service campaign, you may visit any dealership or service center nationwide to have the issues fixed. All services done to vehicles covered by the campaigns will be free of charge.

For further questions or clarifications about active Special Service Campaigns, you may contact your preferred dealership or Toyota’s Customer Assistance Center at (02) 8819-2912 and [email protected]