According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic manager Bong Nebrija, getting from Cubao to Makati in just five minutes is only doable if vehicles travel at 155 km/h. This is close to saying it is almost impossible to achieve. However, the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) says otherwise. In fact, the HPG plans to meet the December deadlines set by President Rodrigo Duterte a few weeks ago even if it is a tall order.

In a recent interview with GMA News, HPG Director Brigadier General Robert Fajardo said that in order to achieve President Duterte's order of a five minute travel time, the HPG is looking to close down all bus terminals along EDSA. They will also be transferring all bus barriers as well as moving the motorcycle lane to the third lane in order to decongest EDSA.

Based on a simulation run by the HPG, the five minute travel time is currently possible during off-peak hours. Fajardo says that a simulation of traveling from Guadalupe to Cubao only took a total of 4 minutes and 58 seconds. He did add, however, that it was conducted at early in the morning at 1 AM. Despite that, it does show that the five minute travel time is indeed possible already, but during off-peak hours.

As for the closure of bus terminals on EDSA, Fajardo says it is still uncertain when it will be implemented. The HPG is said to be currently coordinating with the MMDA as well as other agencies in order to remove bus terminals located along the whole stretch of EDSA and move them to the ones in Paranaque and Valenzuela. The provincial bus ban on EDSA is also currently on hold and there is still uncertainty when implementations will begin. Petitions have also been filed before the Supreme Court in hopes of stopping the MMDA resolution from being fully implemented.