An engine that breathes better, performs more efficiently. Clean and cool air helps an engine perform, giving better throttle response and fuel economy. This air will always pass through a filter, which blocks out all the dirt and bugs that which might damage your engine. This filter will get dirty and clogged through continuous use.

A normal car will come with a standard paper or cotton element air filter, which is an often-neglected part that needs to be replaced regularly to maintain a vehicle's performance and economy. Stainless mesh Hurricane Air Filters help solve this maintenance woe at a fraction of the cost.

Made from high-grade Japanese stainless steel mesh and a treated rubber frame, Hurricane Air Filters will not melt or warp under heat and should even outlast your vehicle's life. Uniform microscopic holes on the filter's wire mesh ensures that your engine gets consistent filtration and airflow compared to the inconsistent airflow of standard cotton/foam filters. Better filtration also means a longer life for the airflow sensor due to lesser contamination of the sensor.

With a simple Hurricane panel filter, you can expect better throttle response especially from the mid to high engine speed range. The feeling of smoother and faster acceleration is like changing to an open pod air filter. Hurricane filter will still deliver its promised filtration without compromise under extreme temperature. The filter element is strong and will not easily shift even under extreme pressure.

Hurricane Air Filter is a lifetime product as it is washable and reusable; making maintenance a very easy task. It's just a simple wash and dry process with no oiling needed.

Hurricane air filters are a direct replacement avaialble for most vehicle applications. Pricing starts at Php2500 and varies depending on vehicle through authorized dealers and it is also available with free shipping nationwide from the distributor VTX Commercial. For more information, visit or call (02)584-1415.