Besides investing in the development of pure electric vehicles, Hyundai is also set to reveal their first mass-market hydrogen-electric crossover. At the moment, it still doesn't have a name but the Korean automaker will announce it during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In the meantime, it bares the name FCEV or Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

Hydrogen Hyundai crossover gets an early reveal

Hyundai showed off the concept last year and now, the car photographed here is the production model. There are almost no changes as it transitioned from concept to road-going version. It even retains the same distinct front fascia and rim design from the concept. Only minor headlight details are the visible changes. Even the tail lights retain the clear lenses with LED piping inside the housings, along with the electronic recessed door handles.


As for specifications, Hyundai said that the powertrain produces 163 PS but have yet to mention its torque figure. The system used on this upcoming SUV is said to be 60 percent more efficient. Three equally sized tanks will be used to store hydrogen before being converted as fuel to power the electric SUV. As such, Hyundai says it will have a range of 800 km on a single charge.

Hydrogen Hyundai crossover gets an early reveal

Once the yet-to-be-named hydrogen crossover hits the market, it will supersede the ix35/Tucson Fuel Cell, which was only available in select countries and acquired via leasing programs. Hyundai and sister company Kia are aiming for the mass production of hydrogen-powered crossovers by this year. Besides the FCEV crossover, Hyundai-Kia are reportedly also working on a hydrogen-electric version of the Sorento.