Hyundai sure has a lot in store for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. Alongside the next-generation i10 and their all-electric race car, the South Korean automaker is set to reveal an all-new electric vehicle (EV) concept at the IAA 2019. Officially called the 45, the concept EV will be a preview of the future design language of Hyundai's upcoming production-model EVs. The name is a homage to Hyundai's first ever car, the Pony, which coincidentally happens to be celebrating it 45th birthday next year.

Hyundai 45 Concept has a graphic lightbar for taillights image

At the moment, there are not a lot of details to go on about the 45 concept except for a lone teaser image showing the concept's rear end. For starters, the 45 concept appears to be a hatchback based on the backglass. Noticeably, it strays away from the brand's current design language featuring a more angular design paired with retro styling cues. Instead of traditional taillights, there's a full-width LED light bar which can show graphics that act as the taillights. Below it are two large panels as well as a display that illuminates the "45" logo.

According to Hyundai's statement, the new concept “accentuates the forward-driven design direction while exploring the evolution of Hyundai’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design language.” Furthermore, “The fully-electric concept car will act as a symbolic milestone for Hyundai’s future EV design.”

No performance or powertrain details about the 45 have been released by Hyundai just yet, which mean we will have to wait until the concept EV makes it public debut at Frankfurt next month to know more. According to AutoNews, the upcoming 45 concept could feature a new EV platform that can accommodate larger vehicles than the current one used in the Kona and Ioniq EVs.