Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), official distributor of Hyundai cars in the Philippines, recently won the Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) Asia Quality Information Performance Award 2012 at the HMC Asia and Pacific Service Conference held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. HARI Senior Assistant Vice President Engr. Fred Jose (R) and Richard Gapasin, Manager (L) of HARI's Quality Assurance and Process Enhancement Division received the award for the country’s third top-ranking automotive company.

HMC cited HARI for topping 33 countries in the exhaustive and prompt submission of reports on customer feedback regarding technical improvements on units. According to Engr. Jose, HARI observes the highest standards in customer satisfaction and so any technical concerns about units sold are quickly sent by his division to HMC along with the corresponding solutions. "HMC greatly appreciates our reports because they want to immediately address details of quality improvement so that, on the next shipment, our models would be no less than perfect. Our reports also benefit Hyundai globally because HMC disseminates them to all its distributorships worldwide."