Hyundai Motors shows its firm intent in discovering new ways of transporting people by establishing a laboratory that with work with academic institutions and universities in order to develop mobility solutions based on the developing consumer trend.

Using Project IONIQ Lab, Hyundai will focus on suggesting ideas on pioneering technologies and concept vehicles that will change the way we move around.

The four key points of emphasis for Project IONIQ will be freedom to use mobility whenever and wherever; freedom to connect to everyday life while on the move; freedom from accidents and inconveniences; and freedom from environmental pollution and energy exhaustion.

Hyundai tech engineers working in the Ioniq Lab

Led by Dr. Soon Jong Lee, Professor of Seoul National University and Head of Korea Future Design & Research Institute and supported by 10 researches and 10 consultant experts, Project IONIQ has released 12 future ‘megatrends’ that are likely to affect the car industry in 2030 and these are:

1. Hyper-connected Society

2. Hyper-aging Society (transport units that specialize on the elderly)

3. Eco-ism (more eco-friendly vehices)

4. Multi-Layered Mash-up (mobility collaborating with other industries for a better overall experience)

5. Context-Awareness based Individualization (vehicle reacting based on user’s mood and demeanor)

6. High Concept Society

7. Decentralization of Power

8. Anxiety and Chaos

9. Sharing Society

10. Co-Evolution

11. Mega-Urbanization

12. Neo Frontierism

The goal of Project IONIQ is to ‘predict changes in future mobility and study possible scenarios; develop new types of mobility according to changes in society and people’s lifestyles; and create new service models and mobility experiences to extend the role and definition of ‘cars’.’

“We are happy to announce the opening of the ‘Project IONIQ Lab’, which extends our efforts to understand future mobility and influence the concept of ‘freedom in mobility’. Hyundai Motor will advance theoretical and practical understanding, innovating to develop future mobility solutions tailored to our customers’ lifestyles,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President of Hyundai Motor Company.