What is High Definition in its automotive equivalent? For Hyundai's design experts and R&D specialists, it's no easy task to incorporate HD technology in one of its drivelines, considering that it only applies to digital and broadcasting mediums like televisions and audio-video track lists. But ever the game-changer it is, Hyundai has turned one of its existing makes into one seamless and high-quality innovation made for the fast tracks, amplifying its features into thrill-inducing details and intensifying its power into soul-stirring performance to create one definition of amplitude, vigor, and intensity flawlessly rendered into one engineering entity - the all new Hyundai Accent

Similar to its other best-of-breed brethren, the newest Accent has managed to score a cornucopia of great coupe enhancements, heightening its profile with better dimensions, symmetry, and aerodynamics.

The All-New Accent has upgraded dimensions of 4370mm x 1700mm x 1450mm in terms of length, width, and height, respectively. And it sure outdid its predecessor in incorporating a new series of optic clusters: from the pair of sharp eagle-eye headlights, to the boomerang-shaped foglamps sleekly embellished on its sexy bumper that make for a seductive illumination especially at night. From the exterior build up to the interior and engine designs, nothing the Accent has the latest in Hyundai's Fluidic Sculpture design philosophy.

Beneath the hood of the All-New Accent is one remarkable fuel-efficient powerhouse - the Gamma CVVT petrol engine - designed with a total displacement of 1.4 liters for the Manual variant and 1.6 liters for the Automatic model. Based on Hyundai Motor Company's road analyses, this engine can definitely pack a punch on the road, with the Manual variant delivering a maximum power of 108ps @ 6,300rpm and a staggering torque of 13.9kg-m @ 5,000rpm, and its Automatic counterpart, the Accent Blue, yielding a powerful 124ps @ 6,300rpm and a peak torque of 15.9kg-m @ 4,200rpm.

Equipped with a Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPI) system, the Gamma engine, albeit ferocious, burns gasoline at an efficient rate as the former permits fuel to be injected equally on all the Accent's four cylinders, aiding in a more accurate and stable combustion and very low levels of carbon exhausts. This quality runs true to Hyundai's "Blue DriveTM" advocacy, a corporate initiative which introduces a new breed of eco-friendly technologies and products to the global market.

Transmission-wise, the Accent performs with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic gearbox, coupled to a responsive 3-spoke (with tilt adjustment and audio controllers for the Automatic version) Motor-Driven Power Steering that translates any trigger for veering and vector effectively to the four, full-size 175/70 R14 tires below the chassis.

Retail price for the new Accent starts at a very attractive Php588,000 for the base 1.4-liter GL variant and Php808,000 for the top-spec 1.6-liter GLS Blue Limited version.

Just as how High Definition technology continues to help redefine how we see and perceive the world around us, the All-New Accent is also becoming one new definition of change and progress - one engineering statement that is all set to construe a new meaning in next-generation driving.

Running concurrently with the launch of the new Accent is the launch of yet another first in the industry: the One Hyundai Club, a one-of-a-kind campaign with the very first-ever, distributor-based, car loyalty program in the Philippines.

Endowed to provide a distinctly refined and confident motoring lifestyle to Hyundai motorists, the One Hyundai Club serves an opportunity for the global brand to extend its gratitude to those who continue to believe in and show support in Hyundai's new technologies, as it equally provides a new venue to offer its presence and other privileges to all its clients within and beyond the showroom.