Late last year Hyundai announced that they are moving forward by reorganizing themselves into a mobility solutions company. Under the company's Strategy 2025, they outline their plan by providing more vehicle electrification via two core pillars: smart mobility devices, and smart mobility services.

With it, Hyundai is looking to provide customers not just vehicles to get them from point A to point B. They plan to develop fully-autonomous vehicles, more electric vehicles, provide online car-based services that users can use while inside the vehicle, and have car-sharing and robotaxi services that can drive by themselves.

But to make this ambitious plan a reality, the company will need to establish research and development (R&D) sites in order to accelerate the development of new business concepts and explore new ideas for mobility solutions. This is where Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center (HMGIC) comes in.

Hyundai to establish innovation lab for mobility solutions in South East Asia image

Described by the Hyundai as an open innovations lab, the facility will explore new ideas to revolutionize R&D processes, and come up with concepts to make mobility solutions a reality. Set to be located at Singapore's Jurong Innovation District, HMGIC will be a 44,000 square meter site that will house a vibrant ecosystem of researchers, technologies, and training, it will be one of the company's most advanced facilities.

“HMGIC will be a test-bed to explore and validate the future Hyundai is envisioning. Combining Hyundai’s innovative spirit and Singapore’s fertile atmosphere, we will develop ground-breaking businesses and future technologies,” said Bo Shin Seo, president of Hyundai Motor Company.

As for Tan Kong Hwee, Assistant Managing Director of Singapore's Economic Development Board, he said that the addition of HMGIC in the country's growing mobility ecosystem is a welcome one.

“The Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center is an exciting addition to Singapore’s growing Mobility ecosystem. Its focus on innovative business concepts and the development of a smart manufacturing platform leverages the research and innovation capabilities, and the value that Singapore provides to companies that want to develop, test-bed and create new solutions for the world”.

Hyundai to establish innovation lab for mobility solutions in South East Asia image

Once completed, Hyundai, through HMGIC, will work closely with Singapore's forward-thinking firms and educational institutions to pursue future goals. The company plans to collaborate with competitive local partners to test and validate innovative solutions for advanced mobility services. Moreover, the lab will also test multiple modes of transport, as well as on-demand shuttle and last-mile mobility via e-scooter.

In terms of EV technology, HMGIC will build a small-scale pilot EV production facility with a human-centered manufacturing platform. With fewer moving parts compared to a typical automobile, Hyundai claims that small-scale production with EVs is possible through HMGICs.

With construction set to begin around May of this year (target completion will be in the second half of 2022), Hyundai is optimistic that HMGICs will expand new business opportunities in Singapore to other global markets.