The pilot Rainwater Harvesting Facility was launched in Rawang Elementary School on March 22, 2017, a fruit of the partnership of HMC, Better World Korea, HFI, and the Institute for Global Education, Exchange and Internship (IGEEI). An invention of Prof. Han Moo Young of the Engineering College of Seoul National University, the Rainwater Harvesting Facility is a filtration method capable of producing and storing as much as 25 gallons of potable water a day from rain gathered in roof gutters.

The H.A.R.I Foundation Inc., has adopted this method and has been reaching out to various communities in need all throughout the Philippines. The most recent being a partnership to expand the program together with the Tanay Local Government by entering the 2nd stage of their partnership. Better World Korea, who are the corporate social value arm of HMC, through HFI, the corporate social responsibility arm of HARI, donated a Hyundai HD36 light duty truck that was modified into a potable water delivery truck. The formal turnover ceremony took place last October 23, 2019 at Tanay Municipal Hall. The water delivery truck will be a common sight in Tanay as it shuttles to and from the Rawang Elementary School to collect and deliver potable water to neighboring communities, starting with Barangay Plaza Aldea.

In support and gratitude of the project Tanay Mayor Hon. Rex Tanjuatco expressed how this project has helped communities in dire need of the water supply. “In the first three months after the rainwater harvesting facility was installed, the people were hesitant to drink. So, the teachers and the students of Rawang were the first ones tomake use of the water. The rest of the community decided to draw water only when they saw thatthe children were not getting sick,” he was quoted as saying.

His sentiments were seconded by Rawang Elementary School head teacher, Ms. Catherine Resurrecion who said “Mapapadali ang pag-supply ng malinis na tubig sa paligid ng Rawang. Ito ang solusyon sa problema ng tubig. Sinigurado ng aming partners na palaging potableang tubig. We were helped to maximize (the gifts of) nature—rain water. The water truck will be a channel for our school to be of service to more communities.”

Clean water is a resource that must be available to all. With efforts such as HARI's, we can be glad in knowing that this is something that can be done for many areas in need of it safe, potable water.