While everyone is busy computing prices for 2018 models to account for the new taxes, there seems to be an interesting development over at Hyundai: you can get a brand new car at 2017 prices.

Called the Beat the TRAIN program, selected variants of the Eon, Accent, Tucson, Santa Fe, Grand Starex, Sonata, Veloster, and Elantra have had their prices frozen for this month only, meaning customers can pay for what they cost last year. Not only that, Hyundai is offering significant discounts for a lot of these models from PhP 50,000 all the way up to PhP 200,000. 

The Hyundai Eon remains at PhP 493,000 for the base variant while the version with navigation retails at PhP 511,000. The Hyundai Accent starts at PhP 678,000 for the base model up until the top-of-the-line diesel with the dual clutch transmission at PhP 928,000. Both the Eon and Accent will be also be offered with a PhP 50,000 discount on the price tag.

The Hyundai Elantra maintains its price that starts from PhP 918,000 for the 1.6L manual up to PhP 1,018,000 for the 1.6L automatic. The discounts on these models are set at PhP 95,000. The Veloster, Hyundai's sporty hatchback, still retails for PhP 1,608,000, but will come with an PhP 80,000 discount.

Hyundai freezes 2017 prices on certain models, offers big discounts

The Sonata still starts at PhP 1,698,000 for the 2.4 GLS AT, while the premium retails for PhP 1,898,000. The discounts for the Sonata are huge: PhP 200,000 for either variant.

Some of the SUVs in Hyundai's line up likewise have their prices frozen this month. The Tucson starts at PhP 1,128,000 for the entry grade 2.0L GL manual, all the way up to PhP 1,598,000 for the diesel GLS front wheel drive automatic. The Santa Fe front wheel drive with the 2.2-liter diesel and a 6-speed automatic will retain its price of PhP 1,748,000. All these variants indicated will have PhP 100,000 slashed off the sticker price.

For those who want to carry more people, the Grand Starex starts at PhP 1,378,000 for the entry grade version, and up to PhP 1,988,000 the CRDI GLS with the 5-speed automatic and swiveling seats. Those Grand Starex variants will have PhP 100,000 ticked off the price. The Super Express version that is intended for commercial transport providers (i.e. UV Express) will retail for PhP 1,418,000, but it will have PhP 150,000 off the price tag. 

The reason for these prices is that these models avoid the final excise tax scheme that was signed off on by President Duterte under Republic Act 10963 or the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) because most of them are technically 2017 cars; some are even from 2016. The program will run until January 31, 2018 and depending on unit availability.

If you don't mind driving a brand new car that was brought in for 2017, these deals may be worth considering as 2018 models in these price ranges are expected to go up once Hyundai does release their official price lists for the new year.