What? A Long wheelbase Genesis? While we locally associate the Hyundai Genesis with its coupé model, most other parts of the world get its original lineup of executive sedans as well. Following the recent unveiling of the G90 Genesis, Hyundai follows up their flagship sedan with a quiet release of the EQ900L in their local South Korean market.

Technically an extended version of the EQ900/G90 Genesis, the EQ900L shares a similar design with its shorter brethren; Albeit with an extended rear door and a thicker b-pillar. These alterations give an extra 289.5mm of length over the standard Genesis, while supposedly being 40mm longer than a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Aboard the Genesis EQ900L

Given that the extra room allows for more space for amenities, the EQ900L comes with an array of options to keep its occupants sitting comfortably. Highlighting these is a full rear-seat entertainment system mounted on a full-length console separating the two fully adjustable reclining seats with power footrests. As expected from a luxury inclined model, the Genesis EQ900L’s interior is laden with leather upholstery, wood trimming, and piano black accents.

For its powerplant the EQ900L does away with the V6 twin-turbo found in the standard Genesis, instead going straight with the range-topping 5.0L V8 that produces 425 PS and 519 Nm of torque. These figures will be sent through an 8-speed automatic that then delivers power to the rear wheels. While the original Genesis G90 can be had in four-wheel drive, it has yet to be confirmed if the EQ900L will have this option.

Reportedly costing $125,000, the Genesis EQ900L finds itself a bargain price for the segment it is in. For comparison the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class starts at $189,000