Remember the mystery full-sized Hyundai SUV spied a couple of months back? It looks like it has a name now.

Hyundai surprised showgoers at the 2018 Busan International Motor Show when they peeled away the covers of their latest concept, the Grandmaster. Also known as the HDC-2 concept, Hyundai bills it as a large, three-row crossover, and there are similarities between it and the test cars our spies have snapped in the past.

Mystery Hyundai full-sized crossover may now have a name

There seems to be some design cues from the concept seen in the spied crossover. For starters, both have the brand's signature cascading grill with bolder elements for its trim pieces. There's also the high-mounted LED lights at the corner edges of the hood, with its composite lamps mounted on the bumper.

Mystery Hyundai full-sized crossover may now have a name

More telltale signs are on the side. Both the spied car and the concept have a kink in the rear windows, although the spied car doesn't have the flared wheel arches of the concept. Also, the concept features a trim piece that runs from the top of the rear doors to the bottom of the third window.

Mystery Hyundai full-sized crossover may now have a name

The rear on the other hand is particularly noteworthy. The spied cars had their tailgates fully covered but the concept may give us an idea as to how it will look like. It has a rounded off tailgate with vertical lights which flank the corners. If this concept previous the production version, expect a toned-down version of it once the road-going version is out.

Hyundai Grandmaster

For now, Grandmaster seems to be the large crossover's tentative name. Of course, it is likely that the name will carry over into production. Whatever the name may be, the full-sized, seven-seater will be Hyundai's (and Kia's) second attempt at the large, three-row crossover segment as the Veracruz was discontinued in 2012.

Given its size, the large Hyundai crossover is likely to go up against the likes of the Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, Honda Pilot and Mazda CX-9. As it's already sporting its production body, it is possible that the Hyundai's biggest SUV to date might be revealed towards the end of this year or early 2019.