Station wagons are on thin ice, at least in several parts of the world. Thanks to the rise of crossovers, wagons are simply not as popular as they once were. Because of that, some automakers are reluctant to come up with more wagons in their line-up.

Take Hyundai as an example. Out of the 35 models they produce worldwide, the South Korean automaker only has two wagons. These are the Celesta RV, a China-only model, and the i30 Estate. But Hyundai will add another model to that thin line-up. Well, sort of.

Their next wagon won't wear a Hyundai badge. They're not calling it a station wagon outright, either. Instead, it will have a Genesis badge. It's based on their G70 sport sedan, and Genesis wants you to call it a shooting brake.

All you'll see for now are teaser photos, but Genesis says they'll reveal the G70 Shooting Brake very soon. But why did they come up with a wagon in the first place? You have the European market to thank for that. Over there, wagons are still a popular body style even as crossovers continue to dominate the market. It seems that Genesis reckoned that a wagon (sorry, shooting brake) can win the hearts of European customers.

Hyundai has a new station wagon...sort of image

Like other Genesis models, the G70 Shooting Brake has the quad-light arrangement over at the back. Instead of adding a third window, they opted for a wraparound rear windshield. As for the rest of it, we will have to wait for the full reveal. However, we reckon it will look similar to the four-door version.

As for engines, we're expecting the same options from the sedan. These include a 2.2-liter turbodiesel, a 2.5-liter turbo gas, and a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6. All-wheel drive might be an option.

Genesis made it clear that they will not sell this car in North America. That said, they didn't mention anything about Asia. Of course, the only way the G70 Shooting Brake will land here is if Genesis sets up shop here in the first place.