Hyundai Motor Company, have just launched an interactive movie game 'Santa Fe – The Chaser'. The game can be played via interactive movies in Hyundai Philippines’ official Facebook page and will give users a chance to experience the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe in 360 degrees virtual reality driving to roam around three of the world’s biggest cities, detective-style.

The main goal of the game is to retrieve the lost confidential document and there are three tasks that need to be completed in each city (New York, London, and Dubai) to achieve this goal. All three movies will give a highly interactive experience to the users.

Santa Fe – The Chaser game will run from today, January 23 to March 5. The three interactive movies will be released on different dates: January 23(New York), February 4(London), and February 12(Dubai). To join, user must go to the Hyundai Philippines Facebook page, click and authorize the Santa Fe – The Chaser application, choose a city and perform the mission. Share the event to your friends and to complete the entry.

Those who have accomplished all three missions have a higher chance of winning these prizes: (1) winner of 11” Macbook Air; (3) winners of 16GB iPad Mini; and (2) winners of 50 USD worth of Facebook credits. The announcement of the winners will be on March 12, notified via Facebook or e-mail.