By simple definition, a car is a vehicle that moves on wheels. But what if that vehicle has legs and can walk? Is it still a car?

Well, Hyundai seems to think so with their quirky-looking Elevate concept.

The Korean automaker is set to reveal the Elevate 'Walking Car Concept' at the upcoming 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Like a traditional automobile, it will have four wheels. However, it will also have long appendages which act like legs, giving the concept car the ability to 'walk'. This allows it to get in and out of extremely rough terrain with ease. In fact, Hyudai calls the Elevate an 'ultimate mobility vehicle'.

Taking a closer look at the render, we can see that the Elevate concept is intended to be an ambulance for rescue use. It will have a tall but skinny body which can load a stretcher at the back. There also appears to be side hatches as a means of entry rather than traditional doors. The wheels are then mounted on long extendable 'legs' which can raise and lower the ride height and overcome almost any obstacles.

Hyundai says that the concept is capable of driving, 'walking' and even climbing thanks to the help of robotics. Given the number of complex movements the Evelate concept is capable of, it seems that driving it would be no easy task. 

As of writing, the Elevate concept has only been revealed as a computer render. However, Hyundai intends to show a design concept and prototype at CES 2019. This would probably make it stand out the most among the rest of the vehicles on display at the event.