The Palisade is Hyundai's biggest crossover on offer today. It isn't shying away from its luxury vehicle intentions either. Of course, there will be those who want an even plusher experience in their full-sized crossover, and Hyundai has responded with two special edition models.

What the automaker has done is introduce the VIP and Calligraphy editions for the large crossover. The Calligraphy appears more of a technology package while the VIP puts the emphasis on the rear passengers.

Hyundai Palisade gets the VIP treatment...literally image

Starting with the Calligraphy, it gains a fully digital instrument cluster measuring in at a substantial 12.3-inches. It also comes with a host of active safety systems you'd expect in a luxury vehicle. There's automatic emergency braking, turn-signal activated cameras with a blind-spot view, heads-up display, and adaptive cruise control, just to name a few.

The interior is then upgraded to softer, Nappa leather trimmings from front to rear. The seats themselves come with a different pattern to further differentiate it from lower-spec models. To make it stand out from lower and mid-level variants, it even comes with a unique set of 20-inch alloy wheels with its exclusive design, the deletion of black cladding, and silver bumper garnishes front and rear.

Hyundai Palisade gets the VIP treatment...literally image

On to the VIP and it's essentially the Calligraphy with even more luxury thrown in. It gets all the active safety features, interior, and exterior goodies from the aforementioned variant. The biggest upgrade here is the back seat experience; the second-row to be exact. Instead of the usual bench-type arrangement, there are two captain chairs at the back. Over there, the two passengers get their own storage console with the armrests lined in, you guessed it, Nappa leather. As one would expect in a luxury car, window shades are standard.

Other features that live up to its VIP tag? It has airplane-style seats with winged headrests for added comfort. Those headrests are also equipped with integrated speakers. Wireless charging is included in the VIP package, along with a rear entertainment system and an on-board air purifier. The cupholders back there even have the ability to chill or heat your drinks too, something not all luxury cars have. But even if it's more oriented towards the middle-row occupants, the Palisade VIP remains to be a three-row crossover.

Hyundai Palisade gets the VIP treatment...literally image

As for power, the engine options remain the same. There's the familiar 2.2-liter CRDi turbodiesel mill that good for 200 PS and 441 Nm of torque which also sees duty in the Santa Fe. The second one is a 3.8-liter V6 making 295 PS and 355 Nm of torque. Both are available with either front or all-wheel drive. The lone transmission choice is an eight-speed automatic whether it's for the gas or turbodiesel model.

For now, it's the South Korean market that gets it first. Hyundai is still tight-lipped about offering the Calligraphy and VIP outside of their home market. However, Hyundai does have a history of selling ultra-lux versions of their large vehicles abroad, these special Palisades might be no different.